Benefits of Peroxide-Free Teeth Whitening?

Yes, hydrogen peroxide and other peroxides are extremely effective in teeth whitening. That's how at home teeth whitening products became so popular. However, many other countries have actually deemed them harmful for individual use without the professional administration of dental practitioners. 

While products containing these high concentrations of these ingredients remain legal and easily accessible in countries such as the United States and Australia, teeth whitening products containing peroxide levels over 0.1% have been banned by the United Kingdom and countries in the EU. 

Aligning with international safety regulations and standards, our gels have been carefully formulated to ensure customer safety as well as deliver desired results. Our key whitening ingredient, sodium percarbonate, has been proven to have effective teeth whitening properties comparable to hydrogen peroxide. 

Sodium percarbonate has been shown in clinical trails to slowly whiten over time. Our formula is perfect for whitening at nighttime before sleeping. Rinse and let our gel formula continue to work after you sleep, so that you can wake up with a brighter smile. We love to see it! 

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